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When you need comprehensive dental services in Chantilly, VA, finding a dental practice that offers the services you need in a friendly, welcoming environment can be challenging. Going to dentist appointments is already a nerve-wracking task for many. Whether you need a routine cleaning or specialized procedure, you need a dentist who meets your dental needs and makes you feel comfortable. 

At Legacy Dentistry, we provide a variety of dental services for your needs in Chantilly, VA. We put expert knowledge and professional care into our service to take care of our patients and ensure that you are comfortable and meet your needs. We aim to meet today’s demands for oral and dental hygiene and health, as well as dental aesthetics.

To meet the varying needs of our patients and provide high-quality care, we offer personalized dental services at our office, including:

  • Dental Hygiene Treatment Services
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Services
  • Restorative Dentistry Services
  • Dental Implant Services
Dental Hygiene Treatment

We offer standard dental hygiene treatments that promote dental and oral health and hygiene. These services include:

  • Routine teeth cleaning and dental health exams
  • Screenings for cancer and other diseases
  • Diagnostic X-rays
  • Treatments for halitosis and periodontal disease

Our dental cleanings also come with individualized advice for each of our patients. Everyone’s teeth are different, so we give specialized instructions for at-home dental care and cleaning. In addition, our dental hygienists can advise you on what to avoid to keep your teeth and gums looking and feeling their best.

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Legacy Dentistry, we also serve those looking for specialized cosmetic dental services. Cosmetic dentistry includes teeth aligning, teeth whitening, veneers, and minor restorative procedures to repair cracks and chips. Our advanced cosmetic services will give you the vibrant smile you deserve if you suffer from crooked, stained, or chipped teeth. 

Many cosmetic dental services prevent more significant issues in the long run. For example, crooked or chipped teeth can wreak havoc in your mouth if you don’t receive appropriate treatment. 

Overcrowding in your mouth as teeth grow can make it challenging to brush without missing some spots. Also, chips and cracks in teeth can get bigger over time as the enamel wears down from diet and other habits, so it’s essential to get these things fixed.

Restorative Dentistry

If you need teeth replaced, the Legacy Dentistry team may recommend restorative dentistry. When teeth are missing or severely damaged, they can quickly cause harm to your body. Without prompt restorative care, an infection may set in, or you may experience lasting effects of nerve damage.

Your diet, lifestyle, or dental hygiene habits don’t only cause tooth damage. Genetics contribute to tooth decay over time. Legacy Dentistry works to combat genetic-related tooth decay so that your smile will last longer.

While restorative dentistry is excellent in preventing more severe health issues, it also helps prevent or manage pain. For example, tooth decay and damage can be extremely painful, but restorative procedures solve that. 

Restorative dentistry services include the following, which we provide:

  • Performing root canals
  • Applying crowns
  • Placing dental bridges
  • Checkups and repairs
Dental Implants

When restorative dentistry is not enough, dental implants are the next step towards achieving complete dental health and hygiene. Dentists use dental implants when bridges don’t resolve gaps or missing teeth. Despite the common cosmetic uses of dental implants, they also improve mouth functionality. 

Tooth loss makes eating and speaking difficult, especially if you are older. Dental implants may be right for you if you lose teeth due to an accident, genetics, or another cause of tooth decay. The dental implant process allows us to implant teeth into the jaw permanently.

Dental implants are the most realistic-looking alternative to natural teeth. Although costly, dental implants are perfect for getting your smile back without relying on impermanent options like dentures. Legacy Dentistry proudly offers effective dental services in Chantilly, VA, to restore your smile and comfort.

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